GreenCraft  Winter 2015

Article:  "Wedding Lace Birds"

Article:  "...and away We Go!".

Salon:   "Flame Dancer" and "Mermaiden

Art Doll Quarterly 2007

Anson William finds a new pal.  Oh, Happy Days!

Leslie David Baker shows us that our shark, and his character Stanley from "The Office" share the same expression!

We've Gone Hollywood!

Just imagine what can be recycled!

Art Doll Quarterly  August 2015

San Diego celebrity impersonator "Captain Jack" has met his match in a "Chatty Kathy" zombie doll!

Article 1:  "Sweater Moths"

Article 2:  "Adore-a-Balls"

Stuffed Magazine 2012

Stuffed Magazine 2011

Fabrizio Zacharee Guido has battled zombies in "World War Z" so a little shark shouldn't be any problem.

Nolan Gould, from "Modern Family" likes his monsters with some attitude. 

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Article:  "Creatures with Personality"

Press and Publications

It's no secret.  Celebrities love us!

Stephen Kramer Glickman plots world domination with his new sidekick, 'Gus'.

Even a tough guy like Joe Mantegna can use some snuggles.

GreenCraft Magazine  Autumn 2014

Article:  "Molly, Mimi and Monkey-Boy"

Caroline Aaron and Marilu Henner love the soft cashmere pillows and baby-friendly cashmere owls!