What about custom "Zombie Shoes"? 

This is an instance where custom is necessary.  It is impossible to carry enough sizes, brands and colors to please everyone!   I advise buying a pair of canvas shoes, with minimum stitching, and plenty of room to paint.  Contact me so we can talk about styles  (Minimal gore or super-gory!)  Ship them to me, preferably with a tracking number, and I can begin.  Average turn around is 2 to 4 weeks, depending on my current show schedule.  Painting prices are as follows:  Infants and toddlers:  $30.   Children up to size 5:  $40.   Shoe size up to women's size 9:  $55

Shoe size up to men's size 12:  $65   Shoes above men's size 13:  $85.  (Tax and shipping extra)

Custom Zombie Shoes!

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Do you ship or do I need to pick up at shows or your studio?
Currently, we ship throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii (Mahalo!).  If you are local and would prefer, we will be happy to let you know what are show schedule is, so you can pick up an article personally.  Unfortunately, due to zoning laws, I run a "Closed Studio" so I cannot have pick-ups at my worksite. 

What methods of payment do you take?
At our shows, we accept cash and all forms of debit / credit cards, through our provider, Square.   For all mail and internet orders we accept Paypal and personal checks, with a modest holding period.  Be warned however... bounced checks will be charged a $25 surcharge and be the subject of a zombie hex.  

Do you accept wholesale orders?
Providing all purchases are destined for a 'brick and mortar' store, as we do not sell wholesale merchandise to 'virtual stores'.  Wholesale prices are set on individual items, depending on the work involved on each piece.   We do set minimum purchase amount, as well as limits.  A CA Resale Number on file is required. Type your paragraph here.