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"Fire Starter" recycled art doll

"Tooth Scary" recycled art doll

Not everything I do is sweetness and light.  Sometimes recycling can take a darker, more sinister turn.  Enter the Freak Show!

Freak Show Dolls and Curiosities began simply enough.  It was simply a way I kept myself entertained.  I found a perverse delight in turning sugary-sweet dolls into monsters, or aging new pieces to look like ancient artifacts.  At my family's urging, I placed a few of these out for sale at one of my shows.  Never before had anything I done been so controversial or polarizing!  I found that people loved them passionately, or hated them with the same intensity.  

What was more, I discovered that these things developed a following that I never expected.   I was being juried into shows that catered to the Hollywood horror-genre, and rubbing elbows with insanely talented artists that I never dreamed of meeting.  So, we have spun off a secondary branch that we call our "Freak Show".   A tiny touch of old glitter and a whole lot of rot, it harkens to the old Victorian shows where to be disturbed, was to be entertained.

Just imagine what we can recycle!

Zombies made from recycled mannequins

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Ladies and Gentlemen... welcome to the Freak Show!