Just imagine what we can recycle!

Fiber is easily the most versatile of artistic mediums.   Unfortunately, it is also the most likely to end up in landfills.   The EPA has estimated that 13.1 million TONS of textiles are thrown away annually, with the average American throwing away 65 pounds of clothing every year... and of that, 48% is deemed still re-usable.  Unless, you are me, because I can find a use for almost every little scrap.   A moth-eaten sweater can live on as a cuddly toy or a chic pillow.  Those loud, vintage neckties can be upcycled into a funky vest or a romantic rose.  And your faded dungarees can become a keepsake to treasure for many years to come.    The only limit is our imagination and dedication to finding new use for former discards!

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