"Captain Jack" wears a faux stone ceramic skull medallion in his hair.  You may swoon now.

Just imagine what we can recycle!

Ceramic Cheetah paw print with copper glaze.

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Porcelain heart, impressed with Victorian-era handmade lace.

Victor the Cheetah; Animal Ambassador for Wild Wonders, in Bonsall, California.

Raji the Binturong; Animal Ambassador for Wild Wonders in Bonsall, California.

Yes, ceramics can be 'green' and they can have a true purpose!

A handful of humble earthen clay hold so much promise.  I use natural organic forms like leaves and shells to make beautiful casts of nature's own masterpieces.  Or a scrap of handmade lace from the 1850s, makes us truly appreciate the lace-maker's art.  But, perhaps the best of all is when it brings a benefit to nature herself.  In partnership with Wild Wonders in Bonsall, CA, we have gathered paw casts of some of their famous residents.  From Victor the Cheetah, to Raji the Binturong, to Holly Jolly, the Screaming Dwarf Hairy Armadillo, their paws are gently pressed into clay and fired to preserve their delicate and remarkable features.  With each pawprint, a portion of sales goes back to Wild Wonders  to help with the upkeep of this fantastic  educational, non-profit facility.      ( www.wildwonders.org )

Binturong (Bear Cat) paw print with gold brushing.

At first glance, this appears to be a tiny skull, but it is not!  It's actually a single 'petal' from a pine cone.