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What is old... is old again.   There is a certain delicate beauty in taking a new-ish thrift store doll and making her look like an ancient artifact.

My infamous custom zombie shoes!  You supply the shoes and I can supply the gore.   See "About Lume di Luna" page for ordering details

Just imagine what we can recycle!

"Envy":  hand-painted vintage mannequin with found objects.  (Yes, I found the horn at a thrift store!)

Hand-painted zombies on vintage mannequins

Recycling is as old as history itself, when out of sheer necessity, nothing was allowed to go to waste.  So what happened?  After the Industrial Revolution and the introduction of mass-production, we became a "disposable society".   Why make do, when you could just buy more?  And now, we see the answer in the state of our planet.  Enter UP-CYCLING!  A name that implies that an item will be even better the next time!   So it's time to rethink that old mannequin or trashed doll.  Let's see what we can imagine the second time around!