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Toddler's shoe with less gory detailing

Hello!  I'm Kimberly Allison, the brain behind Lume di Luna Designs!

I'm a blend of wit and sarcasm, with a dash of darkness and a heap of zany humor.  You can see this in my work.  I love puns and word plays.  I adore the dark and creepy.  And I thrive on tweaking the nose of convention.  (But you already knew that!)

Lume di Luna Designs was born when I realized that it isn't possible for a creative mind to walk the straight and narrow.   I am at my happiest when I can challenge myself.  And it was at one of these crossroads that I took on the biggest challenge of all.  I was walking through my favorite thrift store, looking for the odd vintage goodie when inspiration struck me.  I was absolutely surrounded by interesting stuff, and I could literally feel the potential pulsing in my brain.  Why didn't I try to work with something recycled?  It would obviously be a true challenge since I never seem to find the same thing twice.  And it would certainly appease that sense of guilt from buying all those mass-produced craft supplies from those heartless and soulless mega-stores.   I bought a sweater and made a 5 armed, one eyed mutant octopus.   I was hooked.

I soon discovered that I was not alone.   As just another white 10 x 10 canopy at a run-of-the-mill craft show, I suddenly had people running into my booth crying out "Finally!  Something different!"    I found my work being featured in magazines or being carried in galleries and gift stores.  We even have had the occasion to dress up and rub elbows with Hollywood celebrities. It seemed I wasn't alone in wanting to a bit sassy and be 'green'.    And, I am not the only one with a warped sense of humor.

So, we hope that you will come and see us some time and check us out.  Just imagine what we can recycle!

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About Lume di Luna Designs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you do custom work?

Absolutely!   Not only can I work with you to design a totally unique piece, I can also incorporate personal items.  Perhaps a favorite sweater or you Grandfather's beloved neckties.  Just message me with any questions and plans!

How much does a custom piece cost?

It depends entirely on the work involved.  It will cost a bit more if I have to design a new pattern or if I need to buy specialty materials.  If the work is very personalized, I may require a non-refundable deposit.  But I will always let you know in advance so you can decide on a budget.   Also, be aware that we are required by law to collect sales tax for all purchases within the state of California.

What about custom "Zombie Shoes"?

This is an instance where custom is necessary.  It is impossible to carry enough sizes, brands and colors to please everyone!   I advise buying a pair of canvas shoes, with minimum stitching, and plenty of room to paint.  Contact me so we can talk about styles  (Minimal gore or super-gory!)  Ship them to me, preferably with a tracking number, and I can begin.  Average turn around is 2 to 4 weeks, depending on my current show schedule.  Painting prices are as follows:  Infants and toddlers:  $30.   Children up to size 5:  $40.   Shoe size up to women's size 9:  $55

Shoe size up to men's size 12:  $65   Shoes above men's size 13:  $85.  (Tax and shipping extra)

Do you ship or do I need to pick up at shows or your studio?

Currently, we ship throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii (Mahalo!).  If you are local and would prefer, we will be happy to let you know what are show schedule is, so you can pick up an article personally.  Unfortunately, due to zoning laws, I run a "Closed Studio" so I cannot have pick-ups at my worksite.

What methods of payment do you take?

At our shows, we accept cash and all forms of debit / credit cards, through our provider, Square.   For all mail and internet orders we accept Paypal and personal checks, with a modest holding period.  Be warned however... bounced checks will be charged a $25 surcharge and be the subject of a zombie hex.  

Do you accept wholesale orders?

Providing all purchases are destined for a 'brick and mortar' store, as we do not sell wholesale merchandise to 'virtual stores'.  Wholesale prices are set on individual items, depending on the work involved on each piece.   We do set minimum purchase amount, as well as limits.  A CA Resale Number on file is required.

I have some old materials and neckties my grandparents left me.  Can I give them to you?

I love taking in old unwanted items.  And if I can't use them, I can find another artist, or a non-profit group happy to take them off your hands.

Speaking of non-profits, do you really work with those animals?  How do you get those prints?

Actually, I am very attached to my fingers, so I am the secondary artist, so to speak!    My zoologist friend, whom the animals trust completely, makes a very gentle print in clay, then cures it.   From there, I get the print and make positive and negative casts.  Once made, I now have a beautifully detailed cast that shows every hair, scale and claw!

Who is Wild Wonders?  And why do you work with them? Do you donate to other charities?

Wild Wonders is located in Bonsall, CA, just outside of San Diego.  My family and I were really impressed with the facility and the work that they do.  But, as we soon found out, they have enormous overhead expenses.  For example, many of their residents have health issues, requiring medications and constant monitoring.   And as business, I am frequently asked to donate time, money or work, to support various charities.  And, with all of them being good causes, we decided the best thing to do would be to choose a single cause and back them to the best of our abilities.  And so started our partnership with Wild Wonders.  At this time, it is our sole supported cause.

Can I visit Wild Wonders?

YES!  They welcome visitors on an appointment basis.  See their website for more details.

Oops.  I changed my mind about a purchase.  Can I get a refund?

I'm sorry, but I do not give cash refunds.  But at times I will give a store credit or an exchange, depending on the circumstance.


I love these sweater sculptures and I want to buy one for my toddler.  But why do you say 'ages 6 and up'?

A couple of reasons.   These expressive eyes are needle-felted and they can be pulled out by a determined child.  Also, the thread-based sculpting I use isn't durable enough for heavy play.  So, these sculptures are more appropriate for older children.  But don't worry!  I make cuddly stuffed animals for the younger set.  They have appliqued features, as to be safer, plus they are machine washable!  (and as a mom of boys, I know how magical those words 'machine washable' are!)

I want to make a sculpture too!  Where do i get the pattern?

Here's the interesting part... currently my pattern shop is a large pad of construction paper!  Yes, these are all original patterns and often drawn out one-at-a-time!  Some of these patterns (like Gooey Louie, the Gut Zombie) we actually hold the US Copyright for.  Sometimes I will share patterns via magazine publications.  And eventually, I hope to have some patterns available through my Etsy site.

We are hoping you come to our town!  Where are your shows?

At this time, we are pretty localized to the SoCal areas of San Diego County, Orange County and Los Angeles County.   Eventually, once our teens don't start grinning like maniacs when we mention those words "overnight show" we will increase our show area!

I just checked your Etsy store and the pickings are kinda slim.  When will you restock?

This is one of the hard parts of having upwards of 90 shows per year... I work solo and it's difficult to keep up 2 different inventories.  So, the largest inventory will be at my shows.  Etsy will be a lighter stock.  Until I clone myself, that is.

Just imagine what we can recycle!

Woman's shoe in all its "gory"  glory.

Wait... is that Johnny Depp on this site?  Are you kidding me??!?

Actually, yes, you are being fooled by one of the most talented celebrity impersonators around.  "Captain Jack" is a San Diego legend.  Even better, you can hire his outstanding services through his website: 

Who is Beauregard Jackson?  He's almost as cute as Captain Jack!

He is pretty stinking cute, isn't he?   Beauregard (or Bo, as we call him) is our rescued Puggle.  Bo is living proof that we should rescue our pets instead of buying them at puppy mills and unscrupulous breeders.  He was originally from a Mississippi shelter with a low adoption rate, and was brought to San Diego with 19 other dogs, in a type of 'prisoner swap'.  One look at that sweet face and we knew that we had found a missing part of our family.  So when Bo is not acting as my model, he is curled up on the bed, or murdering plastic plates in our back yard.    To meet more of Bo's buddies, please visit Rancho Coastal Humane Society: